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Electrician Phoenix | Signs Your Home Needs An Emergency Home Generator in Phoenix

Jan 13


With the hot summer days, you want to stay cool in your home without worrying about the safety of your family. But if you live in an area that has frequent power outages, then having a backup generator is essential because it will keep your refrigerator running and your air conditioning blasting while everyone else waits for electricity to come back on.

You can keep your home comfortable while the rest of your neighbors suffer through sweltering heat if you had an emergency home generator installed in Phoenix. When you’re considering getting this type of system for your home, here are some signs that will indicate it’s time to get started with the process.


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Emergency Generators are for Homes with an Electrician in Phoenix.

Home generators are devices that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, usually through the use of an electric motor. Home generators are used to provide electricity for damage control in homes during power outages. They are often considered as standby power sources. For homeowners who need to have an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) during blackouts or other disruptions, it’s important to understand what a home generator can do and how it works.

A home generator is usually bought at a store like Home Depot or Lowes. These large stores sell portable and automatic backup generators for home use. The price will depend on the wattage output. Higher wattage means more appliances could be operated simultaneously without tripping the circuit breakers, but many homeowners find that a home generator capable of running a single or two appliances is sufficient.

In the event of a power outage, the battery-operated inverter in your home generator will start up automatically and send electricity from the fuel source to outlets, lighting fixtures, and other important appliances. The automatic inverter starts as soon as there’s a power outage, so you can stay mobile without worrying about where to find a flashlight or matches.

Signs That Your Home May Need an Emergency Generator

You may not think you could ever need to prepare for an emergency, but if your electricity goes out in bad weather there are some signs that you should look out for. If something unexpected happens and your whole neighborhood loses power, it’s important to be ready just in case. When there’s no heat or light, many people struggle with the temperatures outside getting colder, so having a generator will help keep your family safe and healthy.

The first sign that you may need an emergency generator is if the power goes out during storms or winter weather. Each state is prone to different kinds of bad weather, so what happens in your area will lead you to believe whether or not you should be prepared for emergencies. For example, if your home is located near the ocean and there are often hurricanes passing through, flooding damage could also cause electrical problems. On the other hand, some people live very far away from any sort of water source and only lose power when things go wrong with the equipment at their local power plants.

What To Do if You See One of These Signs

A well-functioning electric generator can make a huge difference in your daily life. In the case of a power outage, you may rest easy knowing that there is enough fuel stored away to keep you going for hours or even days. However, if something goes wrong with your electric generator then this peace of mind can turn into anxiety and stress in just an instant – leaving you wondering what to do next. Fortunately, electric generators that develop problems often provide early warning signs so that you have time to get help and avoid any serious consequences.

Read on to learn more about electric generator problems and what you can do.


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  1. You smell gas near the electric generator

    This is usually an indication that there is a leak somewhere on your electric generator or one of its pipes. If you smell gas, don’t turn it on or use any electronics until you have found and fixed the problem. A small gas leak can become a large one very easily so this is something best left to experts in electric generators who know what they are doing. So call your electrician immediately if any of these signs occur with your electric generator!

  2. There are strange sounds coming from your electric generator

    A high-quality electric generator should be completely silent when it’s properly. If you hear anything out of the ordinary, such as a grinding sound or squealing noise, then it may be time to schedule an electrician service. It could be that there is debris in your electric generator and this is preventing the normal flow of fuel and electric current – or it could even mean something is wrong with an electric generator part.

  3. Your electric generator isn't producing electricity

    If you normally rely on your electric generator for power and suddenly notice that no one is coming out then there might be a problem. There are many reasons why this can happen including faulty batteries, too much use, lack of fuel supply, etc. Whatever has gone wrong with your electric generator will need to be fixed by professionals immediately before you experience any problems with your appliances.

  4. You notice a burning smell

    This is usually an indication that electric generator parts are malfunctioning or there is too much debris in your electric generator. If you smell something burning, the first thing to do is shut it down and let it cool off for a while. Afterward, call your electrician to investigate why this happened with your electric generator. They will be able to find the problem part and get things up and running again so you can go back to using your electric generator without any problems.

The Cost of Installing a New Emergency Generator

When you live in an area where the electric grid can be unreliable, you want to make sure that your home stays well-lit and the electric appliances stay on as long as possible. When a power outage hits, you should have a plan for emergency home generators ready. In general, there are two types of generators: portable or permanent installation.

If you choose a permanent installation, an electrician can help you determine which generator is right for you. These generators may cost several thousand dollars to purchase and install. However, if you reside in a location where electric grid failures are more common, the money spent will be well worth it as it could end up saving you from spending much more money on repairs if the electric equipment is damaged.

How Long it Take to Install a New Emergency Generator

An electrician in Phoenix can usually install a new emergency home generator within a day or two. Depending on the size and location of your house, however, it could take longer. The electrician will need to survey the area surrounding your home and determine how best to install your electric generator without disrupting any electrical current running through existing lines.

If your electrician is installing a new electric generator for you, the electrician will first need to inspect your home’s electric meter. Depending on whether or not it has been damaged, this inspection could take as little as 15 minutes. The electrician will also need to make sure that nobody in the surrounding area can accidentally tamper with your electric generator.

Once your electrician in Phoenix has inspected the electric meter and installed a secure master power switch, he or she will then need to install a post where they can connect your electric generator wires. It may take some time for electricians in Phoenix to find a suitable surface on which to attach the electric generator post.

Tips for Smart Use and Maintenance of the Emergency Generator

There is nothing more frustrating than an electric outage when you need power most. However, a good emergency generator will make short work of the situation and get you back in business in no time at all. These generators come in a variety of sizes with a range of features, but electricians can help you choose the right one for your home or business.

When purchasing your emergency electric generator, the electrician Phoenix recommend will be able to expertly assess how much power you need and which model is best suited for you.

Professional Home Generator Installation and Maintenance

As an electrician, we understand that your emergency electric generator is only as good as the electrician you choose to install and maintain it. So many people buy generators and then think they can handle all of the maintenance and upkeep on their own. Our generator technicians, however, will come to your home and install the electrician Phoenix electric generator you choose at a price that is right for your budget.

Star Light Electric can help you find the electric generator that is perfect for your needs, treat you right on price, and install it fast so you have peace of mind all the time.

There is nothing more frustrating than an electric outage when you need power most. However, a good electric generator will make short work of the situation and get you back in business in no time at all.


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