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Mar 10

Signs your old electrician isn't working for you

It can be tough to know when it’s time to switch electricians. Maybe you’re not sure what signs to look for, or maybe you don’t want to believe that you need to make a change. But the fact is, if your old electrician isn’t working for you, it’s time to make a change. Here are some signs to look for.

Your electrician falls asleep at the job site

Your electrician is expected to work long hours, especially in the summer when it’s hot and humid out. But if your electrician falls asleep on the job, then they’re not doing their best work. This is especially true if they fall asleep with current running through them (which can be deadly). If this happens, call another company because an experienced professional will do better work than someone who can’t keep his or her eyes open. After all, who wants to be responsible for someone dying on the job?

Your electrician doesn't show up or shows up late

If your electrician doesn’t arrive when expected, don’t make excuses for him. Don’t take his word that he’ll be there at another time. If he can’t take responsibility for himself and be accountable, then it’s probably best to call someone else. And if they do show up late (or not at all), expect them to pay you back in some way (not monetarily) for your loss of time.


Your electrician says "I don't know" when you questions

An experienced electrician knows how to solve problems that arise during a project. If your electrician says “I don’t know” or “that’s not my job”, then they’re probably not the right fit for the job. After all, if they can’t take responsibility when something doesn’t go as planned, then what about other problems that could arise? They should be able to offer suggestions from their experience and contacts in the field.

Smart Use and Maintenance

Your electrician misses major safety violations

Electricians should be safety-conscious at all times, and they should know how to stay safe while working in discreet places where other people cannot see them. If you’ve seen your electrician get shocked, or if your electrician has been injured while on the job, then it’s probably time to call someone else because this could become a liability for you too. Experienced professionals never want to put their customers in danger of getting hurt by unsafe practices.

Your electrician doesn't think critically

Electricians should be able to think critically when assessing potential problems with electrical systems. If your electrician thinks there’s something wrong, but they can’t provide proof of it, then don’t assume you have to make an expensive repair right away. A truly experienced electrician will show you the problem and explain why it must be fixed as soon as possible instead of making big claims without evidence. And if your electrician tries to blame everything on some “ghosts” or a “bad system,” then they’re not being serious about their work. Call someone else who is more experienced and better trained in handling these kinds of situations.

Your electrician doesn't pay attention to details

An experienced professional always pays attention to details because doing so ensures that the job will be done correctly. If your electrician is not paying attention to details, then there’s a good chance they’re being negligent about their work. And if they have to come back multiple times just to do one job right, then you might want to think of making a change before it costs you more money than necessary.

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Your electrician always recommends unnecessary repairs

Your electrician should never make recommendations for repairs without knowing enough about the electrical system of the building in question. For example, an experienced professional will tell you if your breakers are outdated or need replacing (and why), but he/she won’t recommend replacements unless necessary because this can be an expensive repair (and it’s often unnecessary).

Your electrician doesn't want to follow safety rules

Electricians must follow safety rules for their protection and the protection of their clients. If your electrician doesn’t follow safety rules themselves, then you should not let them work on your property. And if they try to convince you that safety rules are unnecessary or don’t apply in certain situations, then look elsewhere because this is an obvious sign of someone who only cares about money instead of staying safe while working on your building.

Your electrician doesn't want to maintain their tools

Electricians take pride in having the best tools so they can do the best job possible. However, if they are always complaining about missing tools or broken parts when they’re out doing jobs, then it might be time to change electricians because this shows that they’re not taking care of their equipment. If you notice that your electrician’s tools are always breaking, then it’s time for them to invest in higher-quality materials because an experienced professional will know how important it is to take care of everything they need to make the job done right.

Your electrician doesn't use proper safety equipment

The whole point of using safety equipment is so you can stay healthy while working on electrical systems. For example, if your electrician uses gloves when he/she should be using insulating gloves instead, then they’re putting themselves at risk for accidents and injuries. Always let your electrician know what kind of protective gear must be used for all repairs or installations to stay safe.

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