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Farm Gate Market

May 10

About Farm Gate Market

Since its humble beginnings twelve years ago, Farm Gate Market has grown into a beloved Sunday ritual for locals and one of Australia's most renowned farmers' markets. Since its inception, it's been its mission to ensure that shoppers explore only products that meet the highest standards: ones that are edible or drinkable, things you can grow yourself or items from producers who make an appearance at the market themselves. This has earned them recognition across Australia as one of the top five farmers’ markets today - showing how far we've come since their small start with just 12 vendors!

On Sundays, the iconic streets of Hobart come alive with a vibrant farmers' market. Here you can find an exquisite array of Tasmanian produce and meet the passionate individuals who bring it to life! For years now, this bustling event has been bringing communities together in celebration of local agriculture.

Farm Gate Market

What to do at Farm Gate Market

At Farm Gate Market, Tasmania's unique seasonal produce takes centre stage. Every Sunday, shop for the freshest fruits and vegetables, along with an array of artisan foods, from fresh-baked goods to street food creations that celebrate what’s in season locally! Come join them this Sunday and get ready for a truly unforgettable experience full of deliciousness!

Come to Farm Gate Market and explore the vibrant Grub Hub! Here you will discover a variety of delicious culinary options among an eclectic crowd in Hobart. Sunday is when it's happening, so come prepared for breakfast, brunch or lunch - your senses will thank you!

Get your day off to a delicious start at Farm Gate Market! Here you can enjoy freshly-brewed coffee from local roasters or indulge in a juicy breakfast burger. To ensure maximum satisfaction levels are achieved, each meal is crafted with only the finest Tasmanian ingredients before packaging up - all using 100% compostable materials. For an unforgettable morning experience that won't break the bank (or eat into too much time), be sure to visit us soon!

Farmers Market

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Name: Solar Power Hobart

Address: 100-102 Hopkins St, Moonah TAS 7009

Telephone: (03) 6144 4077



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