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Comprehensive Electrical Services for Brantford Homes and Businesses

Sep 17

Lionhead Electric: Brantford’s Premier Certified Electricians for Safe and Professional Electrical Solutions

BRANTFORD,ON - 09.17.2023 – Homeowners and businesses in Brantford and its neighboring regions now have a trusted partner for all their electrical needs. Lionhead Electric, a leading electric contracting company, is thrilled to announce its comprehensive range of electrical services for both residential and commercial buildings. If you're looking for electrical work to be done on your Brantford home, you have come to the right place. Lionhead Electric are your certified electricians.

For homeowners, safety and efficiency are paramount. With Lionhead Electric, rest assured that a team of licensed electricians is always ready to address any electrical issues promptly and safely.

For commercial establishments, electrical installations are a complex endeavor best entrusted to experts. Whether it’s an entire system overhaul, a panel repair, or a minor adjustment, Lionhead Electric brings a blend of professionalism, customer-centric work ethic, and in-depth expertise to every project.

A snapshot of their commercial installation services includes:

  • Disconnect Switches: Safeguard appliances during power surges or short circuits and stay compliant with building codes.
  • Transformers: Control and monitor voltage distribution seamlessly across your establishment.
  • Smoke Detector and Emergency Lights Installation: Equip your premises with reliable emergency lighting and fire detection systems, ensuring safety during power outages.
  • Systems Wiring for Store and Office Lighting: Expert wiring solutions tailored to any building size.
  • Isolated Ground Circuits: Noise-free ground returns due to unit insulation.
  • Dedicated Grounds: Specialized outlets solely for office equipment like printers or copiers.
  • Lighting Contractor: Switch to accommodate higher current loads.

Serving Brantford, Brant County, Paris, Burford, Simcoe, and Hamilton, Lionhead Electric prioritizes not just the functionality but also the safety of every electrical system, ensuring the well-being of its team, clients, and visitors.

Other Services Offered

We also provide our customers with Electrical Maintenance and Repairs, Backup Generators, Power Saving Solutions, Electrical Inspections, and Surge Protection services.

As an added convenience, Lionhead Electric offers free virtual estimates for those looking to get electrical systems installed in their commercial buildings.

For homeowners and businesses seeking cost-effective, safe, and professional electrical installations, the choice is clear: Lionhead Electric. Their seasoned team brings tools, experience, and a customer-first approach to every project.



To schedule your free virtual estimate or to learn more about their services, contact Lionhead Electric at (519) 761-0707or visit

About Lionhead Electric

Lionhead Electric has been serving the Brantford community with unparalleled electrical solutions. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, safety, and professional service has cemented their reputation as the leading electricians in the region.